Fabric Gift Bags made by Tangled Garden.


These gift bags are lovingly made by Surya's mom, Linda. She makes them from repurposed fabric purchased through Our Social Fabric.

It is a tradition in Surya's family to use this for holiday and birthday gifting; the same beautiful bags go round and round, creating tradition and nostalgia. What a beautiful way to reduce and reuse and recycle, all while supporting a good cause.

The bags vary in actual size, but in general, the large bags are approx. 18" to 20" long by 10" to 13" wide, the small bags are all 12" long by 9" wide and smaller (some as small as 3" by 6"). Medium bags are anything in between!

The bags come in many colours and patterns, which are always changing.  Please let us know if you have any preferences, and we will pick you out a lovely one.