Go with the Flow


by Karen Schneemann & Lily Williams (Paperback)

From The Learnary's Sarah:
"So I just read it and I think it is pretty good!
It is graphic-novel style with four friends in high school. One of them gets her first period and there are no pads or tampons in the machines in the school bathroom. So one of them in particular starts to try and change things at school. It touches a bit on mean kids and also crushes/dating (girl/boy and two girls). There are a couple of more informative bits done as blog posts by the more activist-y character, including a few examples of role models. One of the characters has a lot of pain and misses school. The language is quite inclusive like "period havers" and mentions people who are not women or girls have periods, and that the taboo of talking about it is because of the history of women not being treated as equal.
At the end there is a small info section about periods: all the different products are ok, use what you want; what is "normal"; associated pain; how to be a period activist. A few resources and encouragement to discuss periods openly. It looks like it started as a webcomic called the Mean Magenta (https://themeanmagenta.com/).

I think that it is a sort of fun and informative book about period-related issues for a tween audience. I'm not sure if I would put it in the graphic novel section or with the sex and bodies books (maybe both?). It is not totally like being taught a lesson, but has elements of that perhaps. Some important messages are spelled out in the dialogue, but there are also some more subtle things that are just indicated through the images.