Grow Wild: The Whole-Child, Whole-Family, Nature-Rich Guide to Moving More


by Katy Bowman
Our kids are moving less than any other generation in human history; indoor time and screen time have skyrocketed. As adults and kids turn more to "convenient," tech-based solutions, tasks that once required head-to-toe use of our muscles and bones can be done with a click and a swipe. Without realizing it, we’ve traded convenience for the movement-rich environment that our physical, mental, and environmental health depends on.

Parents don’t know what to do!

But there’s good news: While the problem feels massive, the solution is simple…and fun!

Grow Wild not only breaks down the ‘big ideas’ behind movement as a nutrient, it serves as field guide—how to spot all the movement opportunities we’re currently missing.

Learn to “stack your life” for richer experiences that don’t take more time:

Set up your home to promote more movement, naturally
Dress for (movement) success
Add snacktivities to your meals
Plan dynamic celebrations
Create a dynamic homework space
Bring nature into your home and play