Just Between Us Father & Daughter


The Just Between Us journal you know and love-now for dads and daughters!

Co-written by a real-life father-daughter team! In this journal co-author of the original Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter, Sofie Jacobs, partners with her father, Jonathan Jacobs, to offer advice and prompts for fathers and daughters to express anything and everything. With sensitivity and thoughtfulness, this interactive keepsake journal provides the space and encouragement for father-daughter conversations, packed with all the essentials to cultivate shared respect and deep understanding in one of life's most important relationships. Perfect for dads and daughters who are already close, it is also a shared resource for any father-daughter pair looking to deepen their relationship!

Includes: • Advice and guidance from a real father and daughter duo
• Writing and drawing prompts to get the conversation started-and keep it going
• Pages for drawing funny pictures and making ambitious lists
• Plenty of free space for writing about whatever is on both of your minds

BESTSELLING JOURNAL SERIES: First published more than ten years ago, Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter is the original bestselling mother-daughter journal. This latest addition to the series-written by a real dad and daughter duo!-contains all-new prompts and art, perfect for longtime fans and new journalers alike.

DELUXE KEEPSAKE: Complete with two ribbon-markers so that both father and daughter can mark their place, this colorful, highly-illustrated hardcover journal makes for the perfect gift to fill now and treasure for years to come.

DAD & DAUGHTER CONNECTION: There are so many benefits to kids-girls especially-when they have an active and engaged father, from health and IQ to stable jobs and relationships. Just Between Us encourages regular, active communication, ensuring that when you need each other most, you're there for one another.

A POWERFUL TOOL: This journal helps facilitate necessary conversations in fun, funny, and heartwarming ways by offering a safe space to be honest. Writing removes a layer of awkwardness by providing some distance, and encourages vulnerability and truthfulness in those more reluctant to share.