Mathematical Journeys: Math Ideas & The Secrets They Hold


MATHEMATICAL JOURNEYS?a unique book of math ideas for teachers, homeschoolers, and anyone who wants to learn about the world of mathematics.
Unlock secrets and joy behind math ideas.
Discover how math concepts evolve and connect.
Stimulate curiosity and the awe behind mathematics.
Develop creative and inspiring ways to introduce us to mathematical ideas.
Important tool enhances and enriches mathematics distance learning
Are you a teacher, parent, homeschooler, or just plain curious or perplexed by mathematics, if so Mathematical Journeys will open new vistas into why math is so important and essential in our lives while expanding your knowledge of math. Pappas’ new book focuses on looking at math ideas not often covered in the traditional classroom…showing us that math is more than knowing how to add, subtract or solve equations. Explore such ideas as Discovering the golds of mathematics or Delving into non-Euclidean