Moons over the Salish Sea 2024 Calendar


Made in Vancouver.
This monthly wall calendar features some of Moon Guy's best-loved photos, and highlights the year's best astronomical events - so you'll be sure to catch them all!

From Moon Guy:

Featuring some of Moon Guy's favourite moon photos, this calendar will be a piece of art on your wall, keeping you company all year long. 

And it's no run-of-the-mill calendar... along with the usual moon phases, every month, you’ll find a list of noteworthy astronomical events, such as planetary meet-ups, meteor showers, and eclipses. 

If you've ever missed a meteor shower or an eclipse, only to see all the posts about it on social media the next day, I know your pain. As your friendly Moon Guy Next Door, my dream is to eliminate those moments of disappointment so you can experience the magic of the night sky in real time. Get rid of your FOMO (fear of missing out) by having all the best celestial moments right on your Calendar Guide to the Night Sky. 

You'll also find a QR code on each page that you can scan to get more details about the astronomical highlights of the month and how to view them.

All major US and Canadian holidays are marked, as well as major Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu holidays. Please contact Moon Guy if there's a holiday you'd like included in next year's calendar that's not in the 2024 edition.

These calendars are printed locally in Vancouver, Canada in limited quantities.