The Book of No Worries

Lizzie Cox | Tanja Stevanovic

This essential guide covers a multitude of worries and anxieties that a young person may face while growing up—from peer pressure to puberty and all the worries in between. This friendly and funny book aims to reassure tweens that their worries and fears are normal and offers practical tips for managing anxiety and stress, such as practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Children over 10 often have to deal with a bigger, scarier school, and increased pressure to study and get good grades while making and maintaining friendships. Add to that the non-stop nature of social media and the added pressure that it brings, and it’s no surprise anxiety and depression is on the increase. From problems at school to relationship woes, body image issues to troubles at home, all worries are recognized and case studies and questions from "real-life" anonymous readers offer positive tips and advice to help young people survive angst and stress that can bring them down.

Among the other topics covered:

Drugs and alcohol
Separation and divorce
Sex and sexuality
Unrequited love and being dumped
Focusing on the emotional well-being and mental health of tweens, this survival guide to help young people cope with the worries and anxieties of growing up is full of thoughtful and humorous illustrations and provides sensitive treatment of difficult issues.