The Oceans Atlas A Pictorial Guide to the World's Waters

An illustrated guide to the geography, geology, and life in the world’s oceans.
Take a dive into the world’s oceans to discover their physical features and wildlife, and threats to their future.

How do waves form? Where is the deepest part of the ocean? What is a black smoker? What would the ocean floor look like without water? What lives in a coral reef? All these questions and more are answered in The Oceans Atlas – an illustrated guide to Earth’s oceans. Explore key features of the oceans from sea floor to surf, including tides and trenches, currents and coastline, volcanoes and vents. Discover the variety of marine life from the biggest sharks and whales to the tiniest invertebrates and polyps. Find out the human impact on our seas and how we can create a healthier and cleaner future.

Luciano Corbella’s hand-drawn illustrations allow you to see parts of the planet that can’t be shown in photographs, with diagrams clearly annotated to help explain what’s going on.