Alphabet Wooden Discs: Double-sided, lower & upper case (Set of 100) by Tree Fort Toys


These alphabet learning discs are the perfect hands on educational tool to practice and learn the English alphabet. Easy to throw in your bag and built to last, these wooden flash cards are the perfect addition to your Montessori, Reggio, or standard classroom, as well as home learning.

Our mini 1" size discs are the perfect size to pair with your favourite hundred board

Enjoy learning the alphabet and have fun practicing spelling names and words with these tactile wooden discs with easy to read letters.

CONTAINS  • One hundred 1" diameter hardwood discs (2-6 of each letter depending on frequency of letters in common words) • One 5x8" Cotton Drawstring Bag

FEATURES • Letters permanently laser engraved into the wood - no inks or paints used!