Forest Scavenger Hunt Wooden Dice by Tree Fort Toys


Love exploring in the forest with these fun, hands on wooden scavenger hunt dice. Each set includes 4 large wood dice that have been laser engraved with 24 different items to search for in the forest. This small and lightweight set is perfect for throwing in your bag or pocket to take along on all of your adventures!

IDEAS FOR PLAYING • Take turns rolling a die (or all 4 at once) and have fun searching for the item(s) • Give each person a die to roll - once they find their item, swap the die with their friend or sibling and roll again!  • Roll all 4 dice and work cooperatively to find all of the items • Practice sounding out and reading the words engraved on the dice • Uncooperative weather or not near a forest? Use the dice set as story starters or prompts for writing or drawing!

CONTAINS • Four 3cm Hardwood dice • One 4x6" Cotton Drawstring Bag

FEATURES • Images and words permanently laser engraved into the wooden dice

Made in Victoria, BC, Canada

Plastic Free